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I decided to create this site as a way of expressing my passion for Scotland and it's landscape.  A country so diverse and full of natural wonders ranging from Glens, Lochs, coastal paths and majestic mountains.  I may have only seen and experienced a tiny proportion that this country has to offer but what I have seen has probably shaped my outlook and need to explore all it's magic and charm.

Photography has become my way of preserving my memories and adventures and given me the ability to capture the glory of light.  I would say I have had a keen interest in photography from a young age, whether it be snapping family or pets.   I guess after many years of not touching a camera it was in my late teens when I started to enjoy exploring the landscape.  I would go out walking, cycling and visit local viewpoints.  It was at this time when I started to document these travels with a little help from my friends digital camera.  It is from this point that my photography has developed into something a little more serious.  I would read about camera techniques, composition and spend time just looking at photos in books and on the internet.  I decided to take classes at college to further my knowledge and feed my interest.  During my time on the course I would base my projects on the landscape, this taught me a lot about what it is I like about outdoor photography, the way I like to capture scenes and how I approach a certain challenge.  To this day I sill feel like I am in the development stage and learning the craft.  The images I am taking at the moment are getting me one step closer to my desired level and technical ability.  As each newly developed film comes back to me, I feel my older images are not as good as I once thought so with this I feel a little upset but excited because I know that I can only improve and develop so hopefully this site can show my development.

I am currently using a Hasselblad system, a 500 Elm model.  With this I use the 80mm & 50mm lenses.  I carry a Polaroid film back for situations where I need to be sure of exposure.  I also carry a Sekonic light meter which is helping me understand about exposure and the latitude that certain film can handle.  For this set-up I always use a Manfrotto tripod fitted with an Arca Swiss ball head.  Film stock is mainly Fuji Velvia either Iso100 or 50.  I have just started to test out Fuji Provia so I am awaiting the results from this film.  Whenever I am out I also carry a Nikon D70 camera,  I use this for general shots and sometimes to create panoramas, another use this camera has is the ability to use it to check exposure for the Hasselblad. The system I am using is working fine for me at the moment but I would rather be using a large format camera, at this current time I am content to use the Hasselblad to help me learn and develop my technique as I am sure one day I'll move up to large format.


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